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In the midst of the hills and lakes you will find unique nature experiences in the summer time and winter as well.

A link to the web pages of Visitkarelia, activities around the Joensuu area.


Around the Eno area you can find several unique nature paths well worth visiting.

The closest path, Kaltimon kierto is 25 km in length and winds around the vicinity of Eno village. The path is about one km from Alava. Example starting place Kaltimontupa.

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Kaltimon kierto from Mustavaara

You can fish on the lake Kaltimo and one permit is provided with the rental of the cabin. It is also possible to obtain a permit for more permanent traps so don’t forget to acquire a state fishing permit.

There are also forests abundant in berries and mushrooms around the Alava area.


The closest skiing resorts are Koli which is 40 km and Mustavaara which is 30 km away.

Ski tracks run close to the Alava cabins so you can keep active and for a break it is possible to enjoy a refreshing coffee brewed on an open fire by one of the shelters. You can also go ice-hole fishing on the clear waters of the lake or instead of skis put on a pair of snow boots and head into the wilderness. There are also the joys of sleighing to be experienced.

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